Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Shawly goodness

Well, I've returned! We had a lovely time. I wore my newly finished Charlotte's Web to the rehearsal dinner, where it received a bunch of compliments. The wedding itself was lovely; Coffeeboy did an excellent job officiating at the service (his first time!) and the couple seemed very happy! The huppah (knit by Rose and another friend of ours) looked beautiful; she has pictures of it on her blog. Pretty much all of the women were wearing shawls of some sort, because the weather was in the 50s - a strange thing indeed for mid-June! (Our wedding, which was last year, had temperatures in the high 80s at least, by contrast!)

At long last, I have some pictures of Charlotte, not in sunshine, but in natural light, at least!

(the ubiquitous fence shot)

After the wedding, we spent some time in the Catskills, celebrating our own wedding anniversary, which was a year ago Monday! Yay! We took a hike that went 2.5 miles straight uphill to a lookout tower, which was a lot of fun besides the uphill part - ugh! My legs are feeling it today, I can tell you! The rock, where we at a lunch of bread, cheese, and fruit, had names carved into it from as far back as the late 1800s, which was really fun to see. It always makes me wonder about the people who carved them, what they thought, how long they spent on the carving, what the landscape looked like then, what they were wearing, how many of them were women, etc. I wish I'd gotten pictures of the carvings, but you'll have to suffice with this image of the view of the Hudson River Valley.

When I returned home, I had a lovely surprise in the mail - yarn! 5 skeins of Knitpicks Shadow, plus the pattern for Adamas, for which the blue - "jewels" - is reserved. The green - "mountain lake" - is for the Pacific Northwest Shawl from Fibertrends - a perfect color for it, I think. I would start in on one or the other, but my left wrist has been hurting mysteriously for the last day or two, and I haven't been knitting at all since Sunday. Sadness!


rose said...

Again, Charlotte's Web is lovely :) That blue will be make a great Adamas. Tell Coffeeboy the service was perfect.

Kristen said...

Beautiful shawl! It looks great, even if it's smaller than you wanted. Don't worry about the size; I think it looks perfect.

Before I read about the view of the valley, I thought it was taken from a plane. My goodness, your legs must REALLY be feeling it.

I have a skein of Jewels, too. It's such a lovely yarn!