Thursday, June 01, 2006

the green garden, it groweth

We have a jungle in our backyard. To start with, tomatoes, the princes and princesses of the garden, with various herbs (and marigolds!) in front:

Then, there are cucumber, followed by beans, followed by gourd plants:

and then, at the end, those massive things? Zucchini!

Hidden by the zucchini, where the house meets the fence, are eggplants that we're currently trying to rescue from the siege of the evil Colorado cucumber beetles, or something to that effect. On the facing side of the "L", after the eggplants, there are peppers, and then some pie pumpkins interspersed with leeks. They're smaller, so I'll save bandwith for pictures later.

I'm very happy that later this summer, we will have all the main ingredients of gazpacho. For now, we'll just have to settle for baby zucchini (with their blossoms) sauteed in a bit of butter.


Diana said...

I can taste the fresh vegetables!

Flatlander said...

I LOVE the garden! The trellises are really nice looking!