Saturday, June 17, 2006

A little bit of everything

Today has been a mighty full day, especially since it started at 4 am with taking Coffeeboy to the airport. He's off to California, of all places, to do research (with the added benefit of staying with a friend in Santa Barbara and with my mom in San Jose!) Somehow I've stayed awake for it, though. Getting home from the airport at 7 am was ... entertaining, as I'm not usually even awake at that time, unless I have an early class. What did I do? Finish my coffee and knit, of course! I cast on for the Pacific Northwest Shawl.

I think it's going to be a really fun project. Right now, I'm working on a seagull section, and there are trees, fish, and seashells yet to come! I'm not sure I can do much more today though; my left wrist is still feeling sort of strained. Thus far, which isn't very far, I think it will be neat to see the different shapes emerge. In explaining lace to Coffeeboy last night, I compared it to ASCII art, you know, where you use fixed-width dashes and lines to create images? Lace is ASCII in the negative, if you ask me. Juniper and Mage find the new project very interesting, too!

After knitting a bit, I worked in the garden, removing dead plant matter. I went to the garden store to fill in the holes left by my trimmings, and came home with this:

From right to left, that's a salvia, a tickweed, and a zinnia plant. 2 of each to be planted where they're placed in here:

Then, it was off to the library to pour through some microfilm in a last dash effort to work on a paper before the exam studying commences. And finally, the two little creatures, June and Mage, wish to say a very, very sleepy hello.

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The Frog said...

Have I told you that I love your Charlotte's Webb? The colors are beautiful!!! And I'm glad you're doing the Pacific Northwest Shawl too because it looks like a fun knit - I've been thinking about picking that one up myself.

How does the pattern compare to the Charlotte? Is it easier, or harder to follow?

I also love the pictures of your garden and your sweet kitty cats.

It's cooled down quite a bit in Santa Barbara but it's still unseasonably sunny and warm for this time of year; generally refered to as "June Gloom". Weather for us is usually morning fog and high temps in the low 7o's and anything else is very shocking. Recently the temperature downtown has been in the 90's - which for me really does feel like going outside is risking death. I'm a weather wimp, what can I say.

Hope "Coffeeboy" likes it hot.

I'm taking the dog to the beach this afternoon and then a BBQ tonight - which strikes me as very stereotypically Californian, although rare activities for me - a fifth generation Californian.

Anyway... hope you are enjoying your Sunday, and hope Coffee boy enjoys Santa Barbara.