Tuesday, June 20, 2006

I'd rather be knitting

I've been having minor hand and wrist pain for about a week now, and hence have only allowed myself to knit a very little bit. Strangely enough, I really think that the pain was caused by lifting a suitcase. I mean seriously, is my left wrist (and I'm left-handed) so out of shape that I can't lift a medium-weight suitcase without a week of weakness? I think I lifted it one handed; I probably shouldn't have done that, but I did, and now I'm stuck.

Thus I've been taking it easy and pretty much not knitting. I haven't worked on the shawl since Saturday, and I only knit about 10 rows of a sock on size 3s yesterday. My hands are twitching with the desire to knit, especially with Coffeeboy away and the house so quiet. But... but... I want to knit, dangnabit! I mean, seriously, it's like an actual addiction. It's a good thing it's a relatively harmless one, as it's better than drinking or smoking, or whatnot. Obviously, this addiction can cause harm, at least to one's hands and wrists, which is no good, because we need those to fuel our addictions! (Plus for other things in life, but really... ;-)

I guess the good thing about being strict with myself, wearing the wrist brace and not knitting, is that I'll maybe get more work done instead. But man, when it's late evening and I'm tired of reading or writing, sometimes I'd really just rather be knitting!


Julia said...

I like the white background - you're right, easier to read! Hand and wrist strain is awful, but maybe you can manage on larger needles. How about a nice simple scarf in really soft yarn? Be sure to stretch your hands before you start. Reading is fine, but typing can make things worse (not that I'm encouraging you not to work!).Hope you feel better soon!

Angel said...

I am actually having the same problem- and evenings without knitting are such a drag. I actually find it easier to knit on tiny needles then on bigger ones- so I have been fiddling a bit with a sock, but there are all these other things I would rather be doing.

By the way- your kitties are super precious. :)