Wednesday, June 28, 2006

The second-biggest hoop

First, a knitting photo of an SIP (a sock in progress, obviously):

The pattern is the Pretty Comfy Sock. I actually messed up on the pattern, omitting the last 3 rows of the lace repeat due to forgetting to turn the page! Oops! Pretty much all I'm missing is one more row of YOs. Personally, I think it looks OK as is. I'm making it with some Cascade Fixation that Angel gave me, and it's a lot more minty green/blue in real life. The yarn is very squishy and the elastic takes some getting used to, but it's a fun yarn and pattern. It involves a short-row heel, which I've never done before. I've just started the heel, and so far it's making sense, although I'm a bit worried my heel stitches are off. The heel doesn't appear to align over the beginning-of-row marker as it does with a flap-style heel. Well, we'll see how it goes!

Next, on the grad school front, I've started studying for my PhD/general/comprehensive exams. (Pick a name, any name!) The point is, they're big. They are, in a way, the second-biggest grad school hoop to jump through, the biggest being the dissertation. However, unlike the dissertation (which is hopefully on a topic of interest to the student), exams are long, intense, and scary, and they appear to be taking over my life in a a big way! Of course, there is still knitting, gardening, cats, Coffeeboy, etc, that I also need and want to pay attention to. "How will I do it all?" is the question of the hour. I guess I need a better schedule, perhaps. Suggestions anyone?

I do have a general plan for the next year or so. Here it is, if you are curious!

  • Exam 1: Mid-August (I'll aim for August 14, to be done in plenty of time for August 19th, Coffeeboy's Birthday)

  • Exam 2: Mid to late October, preferably mid-Oct

  • Exam 3: a written paper, plan to turn in by late January, 2007

  • Exam 4: Lit review on dissertation topic (to be determined), turn in by mid to late March, 2007

And finally, the dissertation proposal itself, May, 2007.

It's a tight schedule and won't be easy to stick to, but it's graduate school. It's not supposed to be easy, right?


Angel said...

No its never easy... Right now I am on page 4 of my dissertation. Page 4..... I called my dad up and said "I'm on page 4!" and he responded "Oh good, only 296 more pages to go!" which just made my heart sink....

Its good to see the fixation turn into such a nice sock.

rose said...

The sock looks good. reason why I did a terminal, professional degree. I know you'll be able to manage everything.

Julia said...

Think of comps as hazing. That's all it is - fraternity hazing. Our profs had to do it, so they have to make us do it. It is useful for resources once you start designing your own courses, though. You'll do just fine!

Lazuli said...

Thanks for all of your encouragement!!

keri said...

I'm not in the same boat as you, but I'm here cheering you on. You can do it!!!