Sunday, June 25, 2006

One very fuzzy foot

Nevermind. I do have a knitting picture for you. I give you one Fuzzy Foot in progress!

It looks a bit large, don't you think?

No, seriously, I hope it felts down small enough around my very small feet (size 5).


Julia said...

Never fear, it will felt down enough! In fact, I had one pair that felted too much, so I've been really careful about felting footwear since then. The Fuzzy Feet are the best ever in the winter - I'm making another pair for myself because I wore the first ones out!

keri said...

I love fuzzy feet! They felt "to fit" so just make sure you check on them when you stick them in the washer. And you can always felt them more if need by, by machine or hand.

Angel said...

It might take several runs through the washer, but they will felt down enough. I have never knit the fuzzy feet- although I have made the fiber trends clogs and ballet slippers and they felted down enough even though the originals were HUGE.