Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Post by numbers

1) Yesterday was frustrating on the reading front, so it was a surprise and a delight to learn that I'd been the 300th commenter on Rose's blog, meaning I get a prize! Yay! The last time I won something random like that was first grade, and I won this little handheld football game with lights and beeps. You can guess how often I played it.

2.) Last night my body felt quite out-of-whack... I must have been sitting in a very strange position for one of those books. So, I pulled out my long-neglected yoga mat and popped in a video (yes, VHS) of a very fit woman on Maui doing yoga on the golf course. It's pretty easy to follow and for the most part uses poses I've learned in classes, so I can forgive the Maui-fitness-envy.

2a) My cats, on the other hand, were somewhere between fascinated and terrified. First, the yoga mat and its bag provided intriguing new toys for possible scratching or pouncing. It was rather interesting; there I was trying to relax, and every so often I had to yell at the cats not to scratch the mat. Right. Second, they were positively frightened by the yoga. Juniper's eyes were wide and huge as she watched her kitty-mom contort into positions that really, she probably had no idea I could get my body into. (And we're talking basic stuff: downward dog, a wobbly tree pose, triangle pose). She stared at me as if I'd suddenly been replaced by a Martian... and went back to pouncing on the mat.

3) I just met with my secondary advisor about exams. It went well, all things considered, although I think that she thinks I know more than I do. I gave her some preliminary questions that I'd be interesting in answering, and she kept suggesting slight tweaks on the questions which left me flustered that I'd prepare for the question to go one way and it would actually be vastly different.

4) I called my yoga mat a "knitting mat" accidentally. And I dreamt about spinning on a very pretty wooden wheel last night, and that it was nice and peaceful - and that I even knew how to do it. Odd, as I've never spun before. Maybe when I finish the exams I'll take a class.


Julia said...

Aha! You were a spinner in a past life, too! I'll have to let you know how my spinning class goes. Whenever I pull out my yoga mat, the cats just flop on it and go to sleep. Hard to do poses around sleeping kitties!

Rose said...

I know what I'll do for your prize: knit a pink fun fur cozy for your handheld football game!

Or not.

Ohhh...spinning...it's an addiction worse than knitting! If I can make it to the camping trip I'll bring my spindles.

Diana said...

What a heavenly night.... to dream about spinning!