Wednesday, July 05, 2006

A bout with eBay

I have a confession to make. I've signed up for eBay. Yup. And not so I can randomly enter the world people pushing their once-loved items on to new owners, in a never-ending cycle. No, I'm on the hunt for a knitting bag, and actually a fairly specific item. I just bid on one, and was outbid, so to calm down from the final minutes of tension and excitement, thought I'd come here.

Now, I own a sewing machine. My first project was a knitting bag. I only had white yarn, so the entire thing - though it is made of two shades of blue fabric - is sewn with uneven seams of white yarn. Not bad for a beginner, I thought. I've used it faithfully for over two years. This past January, I decided that I'd try to make myself one, with quilted blocks and patterns on the inside and everything! It was going to be in very "me" colors: jewel tones, both brigher and more mellow.

I sucessfully pieced together the fronts of the bag (with the exception of cutting off the tips of my triangles due to mismeasurement), but was then hit with a quandary. If I want to sew pockets on the inside, do I sew the pockets onto the inside liner first? But then I can't easily quilt the pieces together after the liner's been attached to the front and the interfacing. But I couldn't really add the pockets onto the inside after doing the quilting, at least, not with the machine, and not without messing up the quilting. Which comes first, the pockets or the liner? The chicken or the egg?

After thinking about it for a while, I decided my sewing skills are really best used for hemming pants, not creating complicated bags for my first quilting project, and that I'd best go online to find something roomy, pretty, with nice fabric and lots of pockets.

Hence, eBay! And I've been outbid! By $1! On a bid I placed in the last minute of bidding! It even told me I was one bid away from being outbid, would I like to raise, and I said no! There are unseen sharks in these waters! Coffeeboy (who's home from his adventures out West) tells me I did everything right, and to be patient. He's right. There's a similar item coming up in a day or two. Maybe I'll get that one, maybe not. Maybe it will be something else. When it does happen, it'll be e-bout time.


Julia said...

As a veteran Ebayer, I can say that you did do everything right. Just make sure when you bid at the last minute, you make that bid the highest you are willing to go. As you know, there is no going back once it's over. When my husband really wants to win something, he lets me bid because he knows I'll usually go higher on the item than he would - one time I had to sell yarn to pay for something he wanted because I got a little bit carried away :-)

keri said...

They'll really get you in the last few minutes, I've lost quite a few things that way!

rose said...

You're such a knitter that you call sewing thread "yarn" :) It's so cute. What kind of knitting bag are you after?

Lazuli said...

Haha, Rose is right; I did say "yarn" instead of "thread." How silly!