Thursday, July 13, 2006

The eBay saga concludes

I had success with the knitting bag! I bid on the item over the weekend, and the seller was very good about shipping it to me in a very timely fashion. The only thing that's slightly displeasing is the strong scent of perfume wafting first from the Priority Mail package, and still from the bag itself. I don't know if the previous owner - who never used the bag, or at least put the tag back on and it looks new - intentionally perfumed the bag, thinking that a nice touch, or whether her house just smells of the stuff, but it was a strong aroma. Not quite a bad aroma, but not really my style, either.

Since I've written so much here on that topic, I might as well show you my new purchase, right?

I took the bag with me to my local knitting group tonight. This was my third time there; they are a very nice group of young women who meet at the local Panera. It's been really nice to be part of an SnB group again, like I was in Chapel Hill. Sharing a knitting obsession online is great, but in person is also a wonderful way to feed the obsession and be social at the same time. For instance, at various times, seven people had several Lady Eleanors going, two socks in Cascade Fixation, one Clapotis, one Soleil (me), one toe-up sock, one new-ish Knitty sock pattern whose name I can't remember currently, a baby sweater or two, another summer tank. So many possibilities, so little time!

It's also a nice way to relax when one's brain is really quite tired of studying. I've only been studying hard-core for a couple of weeks, and today Coffeeboy and I left the library early-ish and promptly took a nap upon arrival home. I figure I either need to build up my stamina, or, more likely, accept that there will be nights when I just can't study, days when I won't quite get through the necessary 2 books, and that yet I will, one day, be ready for the first exam.


Diana said...

Your new bag is cute. There is always so much knitsperation at the SnB's.

Julia said...

Ahhh, success! The bag will air out, and it sure is pretty - the perfect home for the new Bryspuns! And yeah, you can only study so much without turning into a narrow, bitter person. Right before my exams, my husband and I took a week's vacation in Paris (it was right after 9-11 and travel was really cheap) and I didn't take a single history book. I still passed. You will too.

Rose said...

The bag is nice. If it doesn't air out, you can always wash it. Don't worry about your exams. You don't want to get to the point where you study all day and at night you dream about your thesis topic. It's not pretty. I know you'll do fine.

keri said...

The bag is pretty. I would probably soak it in some eucalan or something and let it airdry, stuffed with papertowels. I can't stand strong fragrances! =)

Angel said...

The bag is very you (the colors)- you could just put it outside for a day to air out and that would likely do the trick in order to get rid of the smell.