Thursday, July 06, 2006

Pockets are powerful

Rose asked what kind of knitting bag I'm in the market for. Well, I'm actually a bit embarrassed to admit it (though maybe I needn't be?). A while ago, while trolling around on random knitting-related websites, I saw someone mention that their Vera Bradley Villager bag made the perfect knitting bag. Curious what that meant, I googled it, and was presented with those uber-trendy quilted bags that have seemed so ubiquitous on trendy college campuses (at least among the undergrads) over the past few years.

These bags all smack of their brand name, with their particular style of fabric and diamond quilting. I ruled them right out as way too trendy. I don't avoid brands (even if I'm sort of morally opposed to them), but I do dislike obvious indications of brands, particularly with clothes or accessories. I don't care if it's on the inside tag or on, say, a snap or button closure, but if it says the name boldly across the front, I won't even try it on.

However, where I don't like visible brand names, I do like pockets. In fact, I love pockets. The more, the better! As a kid, I used to count the pockets in backpacks or purses while my mom did her shopping. My favorite ski parka (brand utterly unknown or forgotten) had seven pockets, including the perfect little wrist pocket on the left sleeve to put my chapstick in.

eBay revealed that the "Villager" style of these bags have 3 pockets on the outside, and 6 (count them!) on the inside! Talk about powerful pockets! Could they even overcome my dislike of obviousness? Not only that, but a retired fabric pattern has my name. Is named for my name, however you say it, and in colors I really like! Certainly it was fate... with the exception of the lost auction, of course, and that I feel sort of like a sell-out.

So, if any of you have any idea how to maximize my love of pockets without giving into a trend I'd previously eschewed, I'd love to hear it. (Or, if you want to tell me that I'm not a horrible person for changing my mind, that's good too!)

Back to studying for exams. I'll have knitting photos soon, I promise! (If the cats don't take half the stitches off the needles again, that is!)

PS: I wish blogger allowed one to respond to comments! All I can do is post responses to comments in linear form, which doesn't work well for actual communication, unless it results in a whole second post!


Julia said...

I'm pretty brand-averse too, but if the bag has exactly what you need and you like the colors and can get it at a reasonable price, I would say practicality won out over conspicuous consumption. Go for it!

Angel said...

I own 5 vera bradly bags, including a large tote, two small totes and a large handbag and a teeny pocketbook, and I don't exactly think about myself as trendy or brand concious. I bought them because I liked the fabric patterns.

The bags, while expensive, are incredibly well made. When they get dirty, you just throw them in the washer and they come out looking like new. I have abused mine for years and I have never had any problem with the construction, or have had the bag come apart. Anyway, its just my opinion that a Vera Bradly bag is well worth your money- you can't go wrong with one. Another option is a plain canvas LL Bean or lands end tote back. They are also indestructable, but don't have the pockets or fun colors.

Rose said...

I've never pictured you as a Vera Bradly girl, but like everyone else says, if you like the bag, and if it does what you want, why let a label stop you?