Friday, July 21, 2006

My wrist looks "normal"!

My cyst is nearly gone! Sometime last summer, I developed a ganglion cyst on my right wrist, sometime after spending a plane ride from Colorado to New Jersey working on Charlotte's Web. Cramped awkward seats = cramped awkward wrist motions = weird little bump on the wrist. I had the cyst drained in late January, between semesters when I felt I could take a break from intense typing and, sadly, from knitting for a few days. But like the cat, it came right back.

I just noticed today that the funky bump is almost invisible unless I flex my wrist forward. Not gone entirely, but pretty much not there. My wrists have been pain-free for over a week, which has been quite nice. Maybe the intensive had motions of typing/knitting/holding books has actually strengthened and done some good for my wrists!


Rose said...

Yay for no more pain and strength building knitting and typing. It's like video gamers. Yes, pushing the x button might give you RSIs, but you'll have the strongest thumb in the universe. Maybe the same can be applied to your wrists.

Diana said...

Glad you are pain free. Knitting truly should be an olympic sport. Afterall, we do endure injuries from it!