Friday, July 07, 2006

A day in pictures

I've been posting a lot of text lately, while collecting a bunch of pictures. Thus I thought I'd offer you some images instead of words on what I (and, well, the cats) have been up to. (Apologies in advance if it takes a while to load).

For example, the cats are their usual selves, attacking balls of yarn that are placed too near to where they can jump or reach or squirm. These used to be nice and fresh and even, I swear!

At other times, however, they are curious beasties, checking out my progress on Soleil:

And lounging on the couch.

Or lounging on my desk while I'm diligently studying for my exams,

...getting their hairy tails all over my keyboard.

What this photo doesn't show you is that my E key is missing. Yup. The cats struck again, back in the fall. I haven't had an E key since, and my G key is coming loose. I've ordered a replacement keyboard (also eBay) but it hasn't come yet. It'll be nice to have an E-key again.

1 comment:

Julia said...

I love the couch kitty! They are a pain, but so worth it. Enjoy the new E key!