Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Partial parrot sock - what next?

OK, OK, I can finally show you all some of the "parrot sock."

Jitterbug Jewel sock
Flickr has a larger image

See what I mean? Very bright and tropical. This photo was taken indoors, at night (it's been too cloudy to try to find nice "daylight"). The colors are relatively true. Actually, I think it's not that bright except for the orange, which really stands out, since it's sort of neon and outside my usual color range. But I like it anyways. The blues, purples, and greens are very nice.

In case you're curious about Colinette's Jitterbug, which yarn this is, I'm knitting on size 0s (knitpics needle and magic loop), and am getting an even 8 stitches to the inch. The only pooling seems to have been during the simple cable ribbing on the cuff. The yarn is quite soft and I expect it'll feel very nice on the feet. I have only one complaint, which is that the yarn smells a bit chemically, but only if you put your nose up to it. Yuck. Hopefully a wash-before-wearing will take care of that.

Clapotis is blocking! I can guarantee that it's quite pretty! And finished just in time. We're supposed to have actual cold temperatures for the rest of the week.

Now I just need to decide what to knit next! Do I return to that colorwork hat for Coffeeboy? Or do I start some patterned socks? What about a cabled cardigan such as the Must Have Cardigan (below left) or that beautiful Nantucket Jacket from Interweave Knits Winter '06 (below right)? I think I could knit either with the same yarn from my stash (Mission Falls 1824 Wool in "Cocoa")!

And the yarn:

I'm very tempted by the Nantucket Jacket, but it has so many finishing details that I'm afraid I'd never actually finish it! Not to mention everything I've read about people having trouble actually getting it to fit well. The Must-Have seems to have a more tried-and-true track record of making a nice cardi, but it strikes me as not being quite as classy as the Nantucket.

Some of you have knit these. What do you think? Help me decide what to do! Thanks!


cathy said...

I like the look of Nantucket better, but I haven't been following the "it doesn't fit" sagas. So I don't have any advice. Sorry.

Sheepish Annie said...

I'm knitting up some socks in Jitterbug right now and I really like them. I've got a bit more of the pooling than you, but I can live with it. They look like blue tiger socks!

I could go with either sweater...but I'd be worried about anything with lots of finishing. I'd just never get it done.

Greta_Jane said...

Hmm. I am confused as to which sweater is which. I like the one that is red in the picture. I like it a lot and think the shaping is better. Which, of course, won't matter if it doesn't fit well.

What is pooling?

Danielle said...

Try #2 on the Nantucket using smaller needles looks great so far... fingers crossed. Anyway, my experience may not be representative; I'm a little bit of a dork about fit. I probably want my sweaters, er, tighter than the average gal.

Abt. the chocolate, my cousin's chocolate company recently started selling nibs around Boston. I thought that maybe someone sent you a special delivery from up north!

rita said...

I love that parrot yarn! I've never seen or heard of it before. I'm going to buy some as soon as I can sneak it past my husband (who thinks, for some reason, that I should knit with what I've already got instead of buying more).

I came across your blog by surfing from one knitting blog to another. I'm glad I did!

Diana said...

Finishing just kills me. I hate weaving in the ends and all that stuff like sewing on buttons. But they are both beautiful sweaters.

trek said...

Cool yarn