Saturday, January 13, 2007

Darker days of January

Well, we're definitely not in Panama anymore, Toto. The sky is dark and grey; it's raining, it's way under 80 degrees out, I'm sick with some bug, and I'm knitting socks. I'll give you the bad-and-ugly before the good explicit knitting content.

Luckily, it doesn't appear to be some sort of dangerous tropical bug, thank goodness. Nor is it the flu, or else I'd have to get mad at the futility of the flu vaccine I took a few weeks ago. Perhaps it's whatever our dinner hosts last Sunday night in Panama had. Or perhaps it's one of the more common gastrointestinal ailments that affects travelers in less developed parts of the world. I won't go into the yuckier details except to say that it involved a low fever and some gastrointestinal ickiness that sacked me out on the couch last night, alternately sleeping and knitting a bit of the Clapster. Thankfully, I'm feeling a bit better today and am sitting up, back to work, a new-born parrot-colored sock lying in wait next to my work.

Speaking of socks, I've joined a knit-along - Socktopia!

It runs for the whole year and features knitting socks each month that are geared towards three creative themes. January's are "celebrate good times," "blue monday," and "snowflakes and starry skies." I think that the new socks fall in the "celebrate good times," seeing as they're so bright and remind me of vacationing in Panama. Definitely not "blue monday" socks, which suggest something moodier to me. In this KAL, socks posted to the Flickr website by the end of the month are entered into a drawing for prizes. It should be a fun way to knit from my sock yarn stash, connect with other sock knitters, and learn new patterns, tips, and tricks!

Knitpicks Options update
While I was away, Knitpicks sent my replacement needles and replacement cords. I now have 3 functioning size 5 needles and 3 functioning 24" cords. This is great! Rather than send only 1 replacement cord to replace the 1 that didn't work, they sent a pack of 2, giving me a total of 3! I can now say that their customer service for replacing malfunctioning needles is excellent. One caveat - my needle set was a gift, and initially they sent the replacements to the giver's home, rather than to me (this despite the needles being sent directly to me). So if you ever have to do this, be sure your replacements are going to the right place.


Sheepish Annie said...

Rest up and lots of fluids! There are a lot of nasty flu-type buggies out there right now and you don't want to get struck down while you're weak. Glad you're starting to feel a bit better.

Happy sock knitting!

trek said...

Knit Picks does have good customer service.

Try not to pay attention to the bleh grey day out there today.

Danielle said...

I wish Kate Gilbert had chosen a scarf name that wasn't so... syphilitic.

Greta_Jane said...

I want to see a picture of the tropical bird sock!

keri said...

I love knitpicks replacement service, they do a great job getting the new ones out to you quickly.

cathy said...

Feel better.
I can't wait to see your tropical socks.

Angel said...

good to hear that you are back- I hope you feel better soon! (And I am sure the tropical socks are going to look great)

Holly Burnham said...

Sorry you're ill, but I thank you for the 'sock a month club'; I've been thinking about doing it and will check to see if it's too late.