Sunday, January 28, 2007

Doctor, doctor!

Now, those of you who know me well know that sometimes I have a little penchant for worrying that things are wrong, that I might be getting horribly sick with some sort of strange disease. As far as I know, though, I've never visited Dr. Knit and asked her any questions about my knitting health before. But you see, I cast on for another Clapotis, and that had me kind of worried, so I thought I'd pay a visit to the good doc:

Lazuli: Doctor, can you help me?

Dr: Sure, what are your symptoms?

Lazuli: Well, I think I have Clapotitis. I've just finished my first one, and I've been getting tons of compliments on it. Heck, I just showed it to my knitting group this past Wednesday. And then on Thursday I started another one! And I've already reached the straight rows. (Points to the evidence to show the medic)

Clapotis #2

Dr: Well, that doesn't look so bad. I mean, the colors are kind of pretty. If I had that yarn lying around, I might cast on again too! I'd say another week - probably two or so - of knitting, and you'll be over that Clapotitis just as fast as you can bind off and wear the new one!

Lazuli: But that's not all! I have other things going on too!

Dr: Oh?

Lazuli: Well, I started a sock. The Lombard Street socks. But you see, they're too big on size 1s, and the pattern calls for size 2s. I mean really? Size 2s for a sock knit with fingering weight yarn? They must be kidding.

Lombard street socks

Lazuli: So they're too big, and I'm going to have to start over.

Lazuli: Also, you know how it's gotten cold out finally? My hands are cold. I mean, yes, I have these old "voodoo" wristwarmers from Knitty, but they're kind of boring, and mine covered in cat hair. So... I printed out the pattern for Fetching. I think I'm going to start that in the next day or so, too.

Fetching yarn and pattern

Dr: Having cold hands is never a good sign; I think this looks like an excellent solution.

Lazuli: But the problem is, I shouldn't start on Fetching until I finish my parrot socks! they need to be done by the end of January to count for the Socktopia contest!

Parrot socks

Dr: Oh, my. You've got Startitis! Well, it's not that bad a case. I've seen worse. Give the needles to a few projects, and once you have those fun new WIPs and maybe a few UFOs, it'll go away soon. I'd say in a day or two, at the rate you're going. Oh, and don't forget to turn in your last incomplete paper from that class a year ago! Then you can knit guilt-free.

Lazuli: Well, the paper's pretty much done, but I'm not sure about guilt-free. I'm meeting on Friday with the professor for I'm TA-ing and even more scary, I'm meeting with my advisor on Wednesday to discuss potential dissertation topics - a prospect which probably has me a lot more nervous than I should be. Yikes! What can I do about that, doc?

Dr: Knit!

... I pick up the needles and begin to fidget, productively...


Sheepish Annie said...

Doctor's orders...what can you do?

Knit happy!! It's for your health after all. ;)

Diana said...

My doctor always prescribes: Knit, take two pain killers and one glass of wine. It works!

schrodinger said...

Funny!! I love this post, the second Clap is coming on fast isn't it? Nice colors.

Danielle said...

I hear that knitting burns calories.

sgeddes said...

That second clapotis looks like it will be great. What yarn did you decide to use?

So many great projects going on - you are much further on your Socktopia socks than me too. I just cast on for # 2 tonight.

Dawn said...

meh. could be worse... I keep starting things and tearing them out after a few hours.

Anonymous said...

LOL! Well you will definitely have some lovely finished objects when you get cured. :)


keri said...

Hehe, love all the stuff you started!
Sometimes it's just what the dr ordered.

caitlyn said...

Hehehee, funny post!
I like the new Clapotis a lot!
Good luck at the dissertation topic meeting.

trek said...

I've never heard knitting called "productive fidgiting"!


cathy said...

I think I just got over my case of startitis, but now I have a Q of things to be knit that's as long as I am. I guess you trade one condition for another. *shrug*.

New clap looks lovely. Fetchings are a good idea. Always need more socks in January.

Holly said...

Can I get a note from your doctor to give to my husband?

rita said...

I have so many ufos that my husband pointedly mentions them all the time.

I don't care. Once I get the bug to start something, it doesn't matter how many others I have. All I need to do is figure out where my size 10 Denise needles are.

Or buy another set.