Tuesday, January 30, 2007

First socks and "virgin" rocks

Wow! I should write funny posts more often. You guys crack me up with your responses! Thanks!

A couple of answers - sgeddes,the yarn for the Clap is a sock yarn from an LYS, Woolbearers. It's their Cestari sock yarn (feels practically like worsted weight to me, it's a very thick sock yarn) in the colorway "Tuscany." Holly, feel free to take my word as as note to your DH any time! :-)

But now, on to the socks! My first finished sock of 2007 - the "parrot sock!"

Colinette Jitterbug socks

Yarn: Colinette Jitterbug in color "jewel"
Pattern: basic stockinette sock. I added a twisted rib for the cuff, and did a star toe instead of my usual wedge toe.
Needles: Knitpicks size 0 in magic loop
Time: 2 weeks or so
The specs: I think I like the feel of the wedge better, but it was fun to do the star again! Since this yarn is somewhat new, I'll add these details: I made the cuffs 6.5 inches long. My foot is pretty small (a size 5, or 8.5 inches) so I ended up with yarn to spare at the end and probably could have done 7" on the cuff. I'll know for next time. Also, knitting on size 0s gave me a nice, tight gauge of 8 sts per inch. I like how this yarn feels, for me it's a lot like Cherry Tree Hill. I was also pleased that there was relatively little pooling except (predictably) by the ankles and on the cuff ribbing.

Star toe
See the pretty little star...

Speaking of socks, I now am the happy owner of some Socks That Rock yarn! Remember Cara at January One's contest for STR virgins? I was a winner! And somehow, she or Blue Moon Fiber Arts chose a wonderful colorway for me, "Crazy Lace Agate:"

Socks that rock package

The package came with one of Cara's pretty yarn cards and a little business card-like thing with her blog address and Blue Moon's name on it. How nice! Thank you so much, I'm sure I will enjoy this yarn!


knittingphilistine said...

Great socks!

Sheepish Annie said...

STR...it's a beautiful thing!!!!

But, having just finished my first pair in Jitterbug, I have to say that this is a pretty nice experience as well. I think I need to go down to the size 0s though. I'm betting I'll get a nicer fit.

sgeddes said...

Love the new socks . The colors are great. Congratualtions on winning the Contest at January One! You'll love the STR - but it can be addicting. the colors are fabulous!

Anonymous said...

The parrot socks are great! They aren't kidding when they call it a star toe are they?

Enjoy the STR! You will be hooked now. :)


Lone Knitter said...

ooo ooo! Lucky you. The STR yarn looks so pretty. Cute socks and cute star toe.

C. said...

Those parrot socks are awesome! I really like how the star toe turned out. I'll have to try that technique on my next pair.
Congrats on winning the STR. It's a great color for you.

Beth S. said...

I love to see people knit the star toe. It's my favorite toe by far! So easy, and no grafting at the end. :-) I find that this toe fits me better if I start the decreases a little later then normal--I like to knit until my little toe just disappears inside the sock, and then start the toe shaping. On my foot, at least, that works out very nicely.

Crazy Lace Agate is a great color! I'm so glad you get to try this yarn out. It's the best-feeling sock yarn there is--smooth and silky, yet very firm.

Greta_Jane said...

I dunno about toes. I still have not made a sock...

schrodinger said...

That toe is too cool!!

Can't wait to hear how the STR is, I can live vicariously through you :)

Cara said...

Enjoy! I love that color!

rita said...

I love that yarn; it's so gorgeous, and I've got to have some of it! I love blues.