Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Week-and-a-half socks!

They're done! Actually, I finished them this past Friday, but only took the pictures yesterday. And yes, you've seen them before... making this an obligatory FO post.

Fleece Artist Autumn socks

Pattern: short row heel, wedge toe. Cuff motif comes from the Traveler's Stocking in Knitting on the Road.
Yarn: Fleece Artist Merino in the colorway "Autumn"
Needles: size 0, dpns and magic loop
Time: a week and a half!
Thoughts: Hmm. despite my intention of doing a short-row toe, I decided the wedge works well enough, so I went with that and all is well. The short row heel feels OK, except that it seems to cause the stitches to stretch a lot over the top of my foot. I'm not sure what to do about that. It's also interesting that the short row heel leaves a shorter sock than the heel flap, by about an inch. Next, I think the stranger looking short rows, on the left in my previous post, were on the purl rows; I must be doing something odd with how I pick up the stitches. Finally, the Fleece Artist yarn is really pretty. The pooling was slightly unexpected, but I think it's all right. The stranger thing was that the dye didn't always appear to go all the way through the yarn, but that might have just been where the colors changed.

tree motif
Close up of the "tree" motif

Not to mention, I now have cute new shoes to aid in the showing off wearing of my socks! (It was really hard to find these in my size. Even Zappos.com was sold out of size 5 and I had to explore other options - oh no! Luckily, though, they fit well, with and without handknit socks!)

Fleece Artist Autumn

These might be my last socks until Socktoberfest, as I need to finish up a certain shawl by the beginning of October, and that's taking up pretty much all my knitting time. Until then, I'm dreaming up Socktoberfest projects and feeling a lack of solid-colored sock yarn. Any suggestions?


rose said...

The socks turned out great. I love that colorway. What kind of shoes did you get?

Hmmm...patterns for socktoberfest.... What about a ribbed sock? Those look nice with varigated yarns. September Magknits (http://magknits.com/Sept06/patterns/) has some great sock patterns.

Zarzuela said...

They look great! And I love the shoes too! So need a pair like that myself. :) See you soon.


Julia said...

I love-love-love that yarn! And it looks great in that pattern - nice cuffs. The shoes are really cute too - perseverence pays off!

Sheepish Annie said...

Looooooooove those shoes!!!! And the socks set them off perfectly. Nicely done!