Sunday, September 24, 2006


There are some incredibly generous people in this world. For example, this sock yarn surprise arrived in the mail yesterday:

Sock yarn surprise
A package of beautiful sock yarn!

Last week, I mentioned that I needed solid sock yarn; in response, Julia at Knitting History packed up this sock yarn suprise package for me! That's two balls of black, one of burgundy, two of red, two of navy, and two of purple! Wow! I am now more than set for Socktoberfest and beyond! Thank you so much, Julia! You are truly one of those amazingly kind people who make the world - knitblogging and otherwise - go 'round. (For those not in the know, she's been doing some destashing lately, with many blog contests offering yarn, knitting books, you name it. Want to knit for the menfolk? There's yet
another contest ending Monday
.) I feel I'm accumulating many debts, large and small. I only hope one day I can repay them!

Apple picking revealed a similar abundance; we came home with sixteen pounds of apples, most of them Macintoshes as that's what the local farm had still on the trees. (The Fujis, which are some of my favorites, were pretty picked over, or had already fallen to the ground in preparation for becoming ground apple sauce.) Coffeeboy and I have been scheming on what to do with all of them: applesauce? Pie? Apple cake? This morning's solution? Pan-fried apples with brown sugar and cinnamon (served over challah French toast, no less!) This afternoon, we had a small snack of apples with slices of cheddar cheese, a tasty combination.

16 lbs of apples

Even though today is a little warmer than it has been (high 70s), the wind is blowing in the trees outside, blowing with that characteristic crackly shushing sound it gets as fall approaches. I wonder if the wind sounds different in different seasons depending on the shape, size, and water content of the leaves? They've definitely started to turn, with a falling yellow leaf here, a red branch there. My drive to school runs along an old state road, past farms and under the branches of trees. It's always pretty, but no more so than in the height of spring and fall. Right now it's still green, but with that fading green of late summer, not the lush, vibrant green of midsummer foliage. In a few weeks, my daily drive is sure to be strewn with golden colors, and that is what I wait for eagerly, every summer. You can bet you'll hear from me again on the foliage, hopefully soon with pictures!


Sheepish Annie said...

I'm constantly amazed at the generosity of people whom I've never even met in "real life." What a great gift!

We're getting some neat color changes in the trees up here, too. I'm ready for the fall weather...I want to wear some handknit socks!!

Julia said...

I'm glad the yarn arrived, and hope the colors are okay for you. If not, you can always pass them on - it won't hurt my feelings. Anyway, happy sock knitting and mmmm, applesauce!

rose said...

Ohh... apples! I missed the apple picking party up here. My favorite apple recipe involves cheese and chicken and maple sauce. I have never subbed the chicken for tofu or fish, so I don't know if that will appeal to you. There's alwasy apple crisp, and baked stuffed apples.
I'm getting hungry now. Hapy eating.

keri said...

mmm breakfast sounds sooo yummy!

I too am always amazed at the generosity of people I've never met in real life, I think it's one of the best things about blogging is meeting these wonderful, generous people.