Thursday, September 14, 2006

Knitpicks needles and the magic loop

On Tuesday, something exciting happened. I received two new Knitpicks needles in the mail! A size 0 and a size 1, 32" long circular. I've wanted to try magic loop for a while, now; I simply lacked the needles. After some debate, I decided to try out the new Knitpicks line...

magic loop 1

and I like them! A word of warning before I offer my thoughts, though. I'm not exactly what you'd call a needle connoisseur. Most of my circs and DPNs are made of bamboo; I have a couple Addi Turbos which I like for certain things. This lack of connoisseurship is as much due to lack of purchasing power as to desire to spend money on yarn rather than needles as well as an "if it seems to work, use it. If it doesn't, try something else."

I like DPNs well enough for socks, but when I'm sitting by a table, the DPNs tend to bonk against me or the table, which gets annoying. I had a hunch that the Magic Loop would be less cumbersome in this regard, so I went with the "try something else" option.

Thus far, these needles are light, the cord is very flexible (a plus for magic loop, as near as I can tell), slippery but not too slippery. They are pointy to the point of being dangerous, and my thumbs and forefingers might develop a callus or two. We'll see. The join seems fine, but since I'm not quite knitting circularly, I can't quite comment. As a novice magic looper, the join seems to be just fine for those purposes. Finally, the 32" cord length works for magic loop. I've read that longer is better, and that's probably true, but this is the longest length so far, so I'll work with that. And it works! A rather low-key review in comparison to some, but the long and short is that the needles get two thumbs up!

I can't help but ask, a la Was this "review" helpful to you?

magic loop 2

This week was the first real, full week of school for me, so I'm pretty tired. Meeting new people, going to class (yes, I'm in a class after all, as we're reading second exam books), going to meetings, chit-chating, figuring out how to stay on the right sides of the different personalities that make up academia... it's exhausting. So I will save further magic loop reflections for later. My FIL is in town this weekend, and there's a small fiber festival on Saturday. Not to mention it seems that every-other grad student I know is hosting a party on this same busy weekend! Life is suddenly, very suddenly, crazy again. Last but not least, I've signed up for Socktoberfest!


trek said...

With a super flexible cord, the 32" length should be great.

Greta_Jane said...

What is magic loop?

Lazuli said...

Greta-J, Magic loop refers to using one long circular to knit a small item, instead of double pointed needles. Basically you have half the stitches on one needle tip, and since the cord is long and flexible, the other half sit on the cord while you knit the first half, and then you flip it around. Wow, tough to describe. It really sounds crazy until you try it - just like magic!

Sheepish Annie said...

It's always interesting to hear the differing needle opinions out there. I'm less than fussy myself when it comes to my needle choices. As long as the cable is long enough and the join doesn't catch, I'm good! Nice looking socks!

Flatlander said...

What's that sock yarn? The colors are super nice. (I apologize if you mentioned it previously and I missed it.)

Lone Knitter said...

Hey! I just purchased that KnitPicks Options interchangeable kit. I'm glad that you like the needles. I've heard mixed reviews about the KP needles, but I think it's because so many people have so many preferences. I just can't afford to get Addis in all those different lengths.

I also signed up for Socktoberfest!