Sunday, June 24, 2007

Not so lazy days

I had such high hopes of showing you in-progress pictures of the bathroom remodel. But when you're brushing your teeth at the kitchen sink, and thinking of how many extra trips you took to Home Depot and Lowe's, and that weekend-long project stretches into a week because it takes time for paint to dry, the excitement of "in-progress" kind of fades away. But there you go: our upstairs bathroom, before and after!

Bathroom - before
Before: notice how nothing matches?

Bathroom - after
After: notice now things actually match now? Wow!

We put the finishing touches on about a week ago, hanging the barely-dry mirror and cabinet doors, just in time for a visitor (my parent who actually owns the place) to see the finished bathroom. That's why we're redoing it right before we move out: because we have a small stake in it selling well. Unfortunately, though, we're going to have to rent it for a while until the market picks back up. We now have the oddities of a "for sale/rent" sign out front, as well as a lockbox. Weird - and a sign that this is real, we really are moving!

There's been progress on the knitting front as well. It's now the Summer of Socks knitalong - and since the rules say socks have to start after June 21st, and I have two pairs in progress, it'll be a while. But, I'm making progress on the two other socks I had going. See?

One sock done Too little yarn!
Embossed Leaves

What, you think that little discrepancy of 3 grams is going to be a problem? Especially since the done sock weighs more than the remaining amount of yarn - and I don't have any more than that? Yeah, so do I. I'm about 1/3 into the second anklet and am really hoping to get most of the way into the toe. Then I'll either troll the net looking for some similar yarn, or I'll just knit it with some plain blue or green sock yarn. I do know it's Koigu... I don't have the ballband, so I haven't a clue what I'd be looking for specifically. Shoot. At least the Embossed Leaves sock pattern is tons of fun!


Sheepish Annie said...

Bathroom is looking good! I don't suppose you'd like to come and do some work on mine? It's um...well, it's not good.

Sock yarn is magical and will do things that are completely unexpected. You may make it!

schrodinger said...

Yikes, I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you with the sock.

keri said...

The bathroom looks great, good job!

cathy said...

So that explains the bathroom remodel. Good luck with the housing market.

Zarzuela said...

Such a bummer about the sock yarn. Hope you can find something to match up at least a little for the toe.

Thanks again for stopping by this weekend! And for the yummy cookies (the leftovers of which did not survive more than 10 min. after HWJF arrived home!) :)


The_Add_Knitter said...

Super impressed with the bathroom!! And I feel your sock yarn shortage pain...:(

Lone Knitter said...

The bathroom looks great. Sorry about the yarn shortage. I would probably just soldier on and see how far the yarn takes me.