Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Lacing along

*Breaking news! See bottom of post!*

I seem to have revived myself out of a knitting slumber by ignoring my blue, but plain, stockinette socks! Lace has revived my need to knit obsessively, making it something I think about while at work, wishing I could be knitting instead of grading.

Kiri shawl

I'm through the sixth repeat and into the seventh of the pattern (out of twelve called for repeats; I'm not sure I'll do all twelve; I might do only ten or eleven).

I also started another lace item. While in North Carolina last week, I kind of broke my yarn diet. I don't have pictures, because Coffeeboy had the camera with him at his interview school to take pictures for me, but I can tell you it was all lace. At my favorite yarn store there, Yarns Etc, I picked up a smoky blue skein of Misti Alpaca laceweight, and also this beauty, from the local Three Waters Farm, named "Lilac."

Lilac yarn

It was a gorgeous, 75-degree day, flowers blooming, and I couldn't resist the name of the colorway and its connotations of spring. Given the name of the yarn and its colors - I thought of English gardens - I decided to cast on for a wide scarf or stole:

Lilac feather and fan

I chose the feather and fan motif because it fit with the traditional English garden idea, and because I'm hoping the gatherings in the pattern, its bunches and contours, will suggest clusters of lilac blooms crowding round leaves of green and glimpses of blue sky. It's too early to tell if it will work, though, isn't it!

Speaking of lacing along, time isn't racing, but moves slowly, again, for Dr. Coffeeboy and myself. His interview went pretty well, but now we're stuck in the horrendous process of waiting to hear, and of being confused about what the school actually said or meant about when it would get back to him. It could be today, or Thursday, or next week - or not till they've notified another candidate. We don't know. It's driving one of us batty and leaving the other unsure of how to best help pass the time. I'm sure when we know more I'll let you know.

In the meantime, will I finish my sock for Socktopia this month, or will I just knit lace? Only time will tell!

*BREAKING NEWS!* Coffeeboy got the job! Assuming we take it, he'll be Assistant Professor Coffeeboy now!


cathy said...

Kiri's looking good.
I love the Lilacs colorway. it should look good with feather & fan.

keri said...

Your shawl is beautiful - love the eye popping blue color!

Kodachrome said...

Kiri, so blue, so beautiful. And the feather and fan looks like it'll be just lovely.

As for the waiting, I know how stressful that can be. My own "Coffeeboy" was on the job market (Humanities) for two years, and went through something like seven campus visits, and man, the waiting DOES suck. One place didn't even bother to call back to let him know they'd offered the job to the other candidate. Really, it made for some stressful times, but you'll both see it through. Just hang in there, and KEEP KNITTING!

Melissa said...

Hip Hip Horray!

Zarzuela said...

Beautiful lace yarns.

And a big WOO HOO!!! For Coffeeboy!! :)

But I'll be sad if you move. :(


Beth S. said...

Hooray for Dr. Coffeeboy! :-)

And for you, too--the shawl looks like a keeper. :-)

miriam said...

Yay! Congrats to Dr. Coffeeboy (love that name, btw) though sad that college reunion weekends will be trickier =(

Anonymous said...

Thanks to everyone who offered congrats. :) With a new job will come a higher income, which means buying more yarn as presents for Lazuli. :)


Sheepish Annie said...

Yay for Dr. CoffeeBoy AKA Assistant Professor Coffeeboy!!! Way to go!

The lace is looking lovely. I'm most impressed. Maybe I need to try lace again...

schrodinger said...

That's wonderful that he got a job offer so fast. Congrats to Assistant Professor Dr. Coffeeboy.

Loving the lace.

schrodinger said...

That's wonderful that he got offered a job so fast - I'm impressed.

The lace is looking great.

Lone Knitter said...

Yay for jobs! Your fan and feather stole is looking beautiful.

Sunflowerfairy said...

Kiri is definately on my list of shawl things to do. Love the color on yours.

Jenny said...

I love that lilac image and English garden...beautiful. And you know how happy I am for you and Dr. Assistant Professor Coffeeboy!