Friday, March 09, 2007

Finished socks!

I've been holding out on you all. These have been finished since Monday and worn twice in the cold weather... and I finally got a chance to photograh them in daylight just now:

FO: Cable and rib socks

Pattern: just a simple cable with ribs over 60 stitches
Yarn: Mega Boots Stretch in... some colorway... the cats (quite literally) ate the ball band so I'm not sure what it is
Needles: K-P size 1 (2.5mm), magic loop

They're very comforting colors; just as Teri S. of the comments said, they're very soothing colors. Since the blues and I seem to be agreeing with each other these days, I dove in to my stash to find this yarn from my most recent birthday:

Jitterbug jay sock

Ah, easy knitting in shades of blue. (You can see a finished pair of this colorway over at Sheepish Annie's blog.) I've been doing a lot of reading lately for my historiography exam, which means I sometimes also am knitting. Further, we watched The Ten Commandments on Wednesday night for class, so that meant I got, oh, 3 hours and 40 minutes of knitting time, meaning massive sock progress! Stockinette socks are good for that.


cathy said...

Nice socks. Mega Boot Stretch is one of my favorite sock yarns.

Sheepish Annie said...

Ahhh...the Jitterbug! I've worn those socks about a billion times since I finished them. They are soft and comfy and the color is just yummy. Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

The socks turned out darling, and I do love the colorway.

Wendy DG said...

The socks are beautiful. Very nice.

Zarzuela said...

Ooooh very pretty! I like the new ones too (wonder why? ;)).


schrodinger said...

Those colors are wonderful, great socks!

Lone Knitter said...

New socks! Yay! They look great.

Anonymous said...

Good thing to finish warm socks--beautiful too--when it is cold outside!


Teri S. said...

I love those socks. And the color is still soothing. My eyes say "Ahhh" and I'm thinking that your feet are saying the same thing.