Saturday, December 23, 2006

Notions of Knitpicks

Are Knitpicks and Babies R' Us associated in some way? Because inside a package protected by this:

Odd wrapping choice

one finds this:

Options needle case
the Knitpicks options needles, from my MIL

I'm very excited, because I've been wanting this set ever since deciding I liked the classic circulars earlier this fall.

Eager to test out my new needles, I cast on for a very last-minute gift: a simple biased scarf for my mom, made of some of the boucle yarn she gave me for my birthday.

Cats are so helpful, aren't they!

This scarf is knit using the size 10.5 needles and the 24" cord. I love the flexibility of the cord, the pointiness of the needles! They're great!

Except... one of my size 5s didn't screw onto the 32" cord, which I was all set to use to finish up this gift:

Xmas WIP
Knee socks of brotherly love

I did some testing and figured out that the needle, rather than the cords, was the problem. I've contacted the company, and they are sending me a replacement needle. I've read that people have had some problems with the set (usually where the cord attaches to the metal part that the needle screws into), so I wasn't terribly surprised to find a defect. I'd also heard that Knitpicks has very cooperative customer service, which I found to be the case (so far). The woman immediately said they would send me a new needle; this was on Wednesday and I'm hoping it arrives soon!

Happy holidays, and merry Christmas eve's eve to all!


Sheepish Annie said...

Some nice lookin' gifties you got going on there! I'm always glad when someone posts about the KnitPicks needles. I'm considering them...I just need a few more reviews. And paychecks. A couple more of those would help, too! ;)

schrodinger said...

Congrats on the knitpicks needles, sorry to hear of your needle issue, but really glad to hear that knitpicks are following up very well.

Love the cute cat picture!

aija said...

Isn't that weird aboutt he wrapping paper? I just received a KP order w/ the same stuffing inside :)

I love the KP dpns, though I think their quality control leaves a lot to be desired-- I had to have a dpn replaced for a snagged tip.