Friday, December 01, 2006

Don't cry over spilled milk!

Yes, I've finally gathered enough info to give you the second installment of the Spilled Milk Saga. (In case you missed Part 1, look here.)

When last I posted on this topic, my clothes and knitting things were covered in milk, and the Barnes and Noble manager had promised to reimburse me with a gift card for damages. I received the estimate from the dry cleaners on Thursday, the day after the spillage and the day before I left for the conference in DC. It would have paid for, let's say, a medium-priced knitting book. I received a gift card from the manager and told him I was still working on the fate of my knitting and my knitting bag (which he was pretty sure would be irreparably damaged).

I picked up my clothing from the dry cleaners on Tuesday (before Thanksgiving) and noted that while my knit top and corduroy pants were fine, my beloved corduroy blazer (with a shiny purple lining, the best part!!) still had crusty milky bits in it! That was definitely quite annoying, and worth a call to B&N.

I meant what I said about milking this for all it's worth, folks.

I called the B&N guy and told him about the jacket and its value. He asked about the milk-covered knitting bag, which he thought had looked totally ruined. I explained that yes, I washed it and it still had milk in it, and gave him the value of the materials I'd used to make it. (I didn't tell him that it's actually fine, but since he was so certain it would be ruined, I figured... as far as he knows, it's ruined, right?) The knitting I'd been doing was actually OK, so I didn't include that in the total.

The end result is that another gift card is on hold for me, worth about 2-3 more knitting books. My birthday is this Sunday - I think I just might enhance my book stash, courtesy of B&N!

As they say, "don't cry over spilled milk" - especially if it brings one knitting books! There's no crying here, that's for sure!


cathy said...

but what if the manager reads your blog? ;)

Any ideas on what book you'll get?

Anonymous said...

I love it when things just work out! I also love it when a business is willing to be so thoughtful over an incident. You hear so many stories where managers are less than sympathetic... How nice that you are being compensated for your time and trouble (which is as important as anything else) along with your damaged property. Enjoy your new books!

Lone Knitter said...

I think me and my knitting bag are heading to B&N right now. But wait--I think I should put some acrylic on the needles and feign that it's imported cashmere. I'm going to just stand by the milk until an accident happens. Just kidding. Happy Birthday, and I hope you get some good books!

Zarzuela said...

So glad they are taking care of this! And a happy belated birthday to you! (Incidentally, I'm going to be 29 and holding in a few months myself!)