Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Finished Hanukah knits!

I can't reveal several Christmas knits yet (besides, they're still being worked on) - but I can reveal two finished Hanukah items!

First, the one that has been gifted, my husband's socks. He loves them so much he won't allow a proper photograph so I had to capture the socks hiding on his feet, under his jeans and slippers. I guess that makes them a partial revelation of holiday knitting:

Mountain colors Bearfoot socks

Pattern: plain ol' stockinette, 60 stitch circumference, 2" ribbing on cuff, heel flap, wedge toe, kitchenerned off.
Yarn: Mountain Colors Bearfoot, in the color "Yellowstone" (isn't it pretty!)
Needle: Knitpicks Options size "1" (so, 2.5mm or 1.5 by "normal" reckoning)
Thoughts: I love the colors on this yarn! It's so soft, with the wool, mohair, and nylon. Maybe that's why he's barely taken them off his feet since I gave them to him on Friday? The softness made it a delight to work with, and there was definitely no awkward pooling or striping. The colors are gorgeous, browns and deep reds with little bits of gold flashing through.

Secondly - The recipient of the super-secret-sock is now in her car winging her way north for a brief visit en route further north, so I can post her socks now!

Red herring socks

Pattern: Red Herring by Knitty
Yarn: Elann's "Sock It to Me" yarn (4-ply), in colors 7139 and 9800, a black and a burgundy red. I used one full ball of the black and only part of the red ball, with one full ball of black left over.
Needles: size 2 for the colorwork, size 1 for the rest.
Thoughts: This is such a fun pattern! (Thanks, Cookie!) The colorwork - which was a new experience for me - was really fun. I think it was made easier by none of the floats being more than 3 stitches long, making it easier to keep tension even. I do think that I probably pulled the floats tighter than necessary. They've evened out some with blocking, and will do so more, I expect, with wearing. You can see the floats here, on the left:

Red herring - inside and out

I hope she likes them! But now, back to work and to Christmas knitting! I'll have a few Hanukah gift pictures to show you over the next few days, pretty yarn and intriguing new needles from Knitpicks (oops, did I say what it is?!). Did you know they use paper from Babies R' Us as protective shipping material? They do. I have pictorial proof coming in the next post!


keri said...

Oooh both socks are so pretty and your colorwork is so even, you're a natural!ht

aija said...

Great colorwork and color choice!

cathy said...

nice socks :) The herring ones are impressive.

Sheepish Annie said...

Excellent socks!!!!! I'm very impressed...

Zonda said...

Awesome job! Love the colors! :)

Annie said...

Beautiful socks! My husband won't take his off, either. :-) I think that's a real compliment to a knitter!

Lone Knitter said...

Both of those pairs of socks are gorgeous. I haven't tried Mountain Colors Bearfoot. As soon as I'm off my yarn diet, I'll probably rush off and buy some. Do you find that the 60 stitches on size one needles fit a man's foot well? I usually do 64 stitches on size one for myself. I'm making my boyfriend a pair of socks on size one needles...we'll see how that goes! Great job, again!

Anonymous said...

Both pairs of socks came out great! I love the contrast in the last pair. Enjoy the rest of your holidays and thanks for knitting with me last night! :)


bradyphrenia said...

i have got to make those socks! they look awesome.