Tuesday, October 10, 2006

It's not October 10th

Well, yes, it *is* technically the 10th of October. Yes. I'll admit that. But it doesn't *feel* like October 10th.

Let me explain. Back when I was young, angst-ridden junior high student, I kept a journal. None of this public digital blog stuff, but a private, lined-paper diary stored in the unlocked confines of my top-left desk drawer. I seem to recall that somewhere in around my 12th or 13th year, I wrote an entry about October 10th, and what a perfect expression of fall the day was. Crisp, cool, sunny but somehow foreboding. Lots of wind blowing the cracked, colored leaves everywhere. Yes, even in Northern California, we got a bit of fall.

Recently, I've started a mental observance of October 10th day, on which I usually take note of just how wonderfully autumnal the world has become. I think, though, that I might have conflated a teenager's anxiety with my later experiences of wistful New England falls after I went to college, because I don't remember performing this mental observance until the past couple of years.

Nevertheless, today is decidedly a conundrum. The leaves are beautiful, on the trees and on the ground. Colorful, crunchy. But there's no blustery, crisp wind requiring a scarf and wool socks! No ominous feelings of Halloween being only a few weeks away! It's in the high 70s, for crying out loud! It's really not October 10th... I hate you, global warming. Go away now. (Oh, wait, there are... certain hindrances... to that. Bah. Bah humbug.)

And for all I know, I could have the whole thing wrong. Maybe it's not the 10th at all that makes me stop and think. Maybe it's the 20th.

Regardless, what I do know is that I've cast on for yet another fall sock...

CTH feather and fan sock
Like trees in the strong morning sunlight

And that I have a gift sock (for someone who, so far as I know, doesn't read this blog) that's been languishing on the needles.

Snowy Opal sock
Snow falls in winter sky

I'm very touched by all the kind, flattering shawl comments! Thank you so much! You've all been great moral support as I've worked through the very long rows. Finally, in about 2-3 weeks, I will most likely be done with reading for exam #2. Then I just have to take the exam. ;-)

Up next: sock stash?


Danielle said...

Did the cold front strike you guys in NJ? Balmy morning up here, but by the time I left work, ooh. Chilly. And it smelled like late November.

I think my old diaries-- before I was sophisticated enough to call them "journals"-- are in a box in my parents' basement. Thank God internet access barely existed when I was sixteen (let alone twelve. I didn't hear about the internet until, I think, age 17). I would've had a Livejournal, and I would've vented, and it would've caused a lot of trouble.

rose said...

Every once in a while I'll go through my paper journals. I still keep one, but I only feel the need to write in it when I'm feeling particularly depressed or angst-ridden.

Autumn has started to appear, but the temperatures aren't right. It was 76 on Monday, and in the 60s today. Don't get me wrong, I've enjoyed basking in the sun and warmth, but It's not cool and crisp, the way autumn should be.

Lazuli said...

I don't really keep a paper journal anymore. All my old ones are at my mom's house until I have a more steady place to store them.

I do most of my current angst journalling on my computer. I do wonder if this has a different effect than writing. I type so much faster than I write, and my hand gets cramped from writing, now. I wonder whether or not having to take the time to (hand)write out what I'm thinking/feeling would change how I process things.

Friday's weather is supposed to be down into the low 50s; what odd weather this is, indeed.

cookie said...

I'm a bit late on this, but beautiful shawl! Just in time for cooler weather, if it ever comes.

Ever since moving to California, my sense of seasons has completely failed. I went to the midwest in September hoping to see fall leaves, but it was warmer and sunnier there than here. And most everything was still a wonderfully lush green. Which was somewhat disappointing because I love autumn colors. It used to be my favorite season of the year.

Beth S. said...

I LOVE "October 10th day". :-) I used to do just that same kind of angsty paper-journaling, but after a few weeks I'd be horribly embarrassed re-reading the entries, and would tear the pages into tiny little bits. ;-)

The_Add_Knitter said...

Funny, my ex-husband's reputed birthday is October 10th--he was born in a country where they didn't record birthdays until the 1970's and so his dad just picked a random day--"October 10th"--as his birthday. He even got the year wrong! So we alsways celebrated his birthday with a laugh about the whole thing...BTW nice sock stashage for someone who has only been at it for several months!;)