Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Cold in Socktober

I think this is the longest I've gone without blogging yet, and it's not even (quite) a week. Suffice it to say that last week, Coffeeboy and I traded having varying degrees of a cold back and forth between each other. Bleh. Depending on who felt better, we took turns making each other dinner or tea. Neither of us really felt like much of normal until Sunday, when I (I can't speak for him) felt a little less loopy-headed and a bit more able to think straight, although the cough and the sniffles were still there. I slept in a rather long time for several days and basically didn't do much except knit a sock and its mate, and read quite a few books for my upcoming exam.

I had a bunch of adventures, though, none of which probably aided recovering from the cold. SnB met in a different location (Barnes and Noble instead of Panera - woot!); I took the train into the big city (New York) for a high school event and then had a late dinner with a high school friend (this was probably a mistake, as I was out rather late). I finished a sock and started the second one on the train, though, which a great way to pass through the "countryside" of northeastern New Jersey. Finally, Coffeeboy and I went to a games night on Saturday that was a lot of fun. None of the adventures, obviously, involved Rhinebeck, but that's OK, since I spent part of Saturday napping off the cold. Next year, though, I hope to be able to go!

The cold is mostly better, now. I've got exams kicking me in the rear. I'm planning to take the first exam by November 10th, which will give me a week or so off before the big annual meeting of people in my field. I know I can be ready by the 10th; it just seems to be looming awfully close for the amount of reading I still have left!

Between now and then I imagine I'll get some sock knitting done, and that I'll make some slow progress on the sleeves for Eris. I'm working with two dye lots for the sleeves (oops!) and the two balls of yarn, plus DPNs and decreases make for awkward knitting compared to the ease of socks.

Nevertheless, in a day or two I promise there will be pictures! And a new sock FO!


schrodinger said...

Sorry you've been poorly, glad to hear that you are on the mend though. Congrats on finishing the socks though, looking forwatd to the FO's.

Sheepish Annie said...

Yikes! Rest up and make sure you don't have some sort of relapse!

The only good thing about being sick is the extra knitting time...

Danielle said...

You know those times when you'd really appreciate getting sick because it would let you push pause on the VCR of life? I hope your cold falls into that category.

Zarzuela said...

Glad you are kicking the cold! Hope to see you tonight. :)