Saturday, October 07, 2006

Early fall in New Jersey

This past Wednesday, when shawl recipient Jenny was here, we took a little drive to the pretty parts of New Jersey! Yes, such places do exist!

Autumn hills in NJ
Pretty, isn't it!

I live right on the border between ugly (Trenton and suburbia) and pretty (northwestern NJ), but the friendly folks at the Foliage Network said we needed to go further north to move from "low color" to "moderate color." High and peak color haven't yet made their appearance in this "garden state," but a couple hour's drive north to High Point State Park provided us with a little more beauty. It's not quite peak yet, though the cold front of the last two days will help speed things along.

High Point State Park
High Point State Park

If anyone knows why they saw fit to build an obelisk on top of the state's highest point - besides to make sure it wouldn't be topped by any other possibly higher point - let me know!

High Point obelisk
Yours truly on the left, Jenny on the right

Finished shawl pictures in my next post!

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