Friday, August 04, 2006

It's beastly hot out

The weather here has been absolutely beastly the last few days, with temperatures up into the high 90s. Last night we had a cold front come through which dropped the heat into the - positively balmy! 80s or so, with a heat storm (thunder and lightening without rain) last night.

I have been knitting (including for several hours on Wednesday at the SnB), but other than that, not as much, as I'm trying to push through the last approximately 5 books of my list. I still think I will finish Soleil this weekend, though.

This morning as I walked from the car to the library it felt like I was slogging through physical water, the humidity sticking all over me like some sort of physical film. It got me thinking about fall, yet again. Those pumpkins out in the yard that we might lose to the mildew keep me thinking about fall, about crisp, cool, clear air sparkling on my cheeks. None of this dank heat, please.

Are there any fall-themed knitalongs coming up for those of us who are dreaming of cooler days?


Zarzuela said...

Definitely miserable weather! Not sure about fall themed - but Lolly's Socktoberfest is coming up soon.


Diana said...

Even though the heat is stifling, I can't think about fall.... because you know what follows fall.... winter with big fricken snow flakes and ice storms. Yuk!!