Monday, August 28, 2006

Got WIP?

Kristina wanted to see Cozy; Keri commented about having "only 3 UFOs" so I figure, what the heck. I might as well show you some pictures of these UFOs.

First, Husband Socks, otherwise known as the sock that went to the library and his unfinished mate, the sock that was born while it was sprinkling on a camping trip.

Trekking 100

Second, the PNW shawl continues. I'm through the trees and the sand dollars - though not without the pain and suffering of Saturday. Making lace really is like playing the French horn. When you mess up, it's quite noticeable, at least to anyone able to see or hear the mistakes. Luckily with lace you can go back and fix them, unlike during the middle of a solo in, say, Dvorak's New World Symphony. And with lace, fixing things gives you beautiful trees like these:

PNW trees

And third, Cozy. It's so soft. Such a pretty smoky blue, just like in the picture. I could really have used a Cozy about my shoulders when I was in the dairy/freezer aisle of the grocery store this afternoon. One day, one day... when this is, oh, 10 times as long.

Cozy begins

I actually have more than 3 UFOs. There are at least 2 other WIPs that I can think of. One is Eris; the most recent photos are here. The other is a scarf? wrap? shawl? on very long size 15 needles, made up of random scraps of yarn in colors that... don't quite match with each other. You know those lovely afghans you see made of every kind of yarn imaginable and yet, they all go together? This scarf doesn't quite match that description. That's why it's sitting in a bag in my stash. It's not that bad, so it might make an appearance, but really, it might not.

Finally, I had a chance to join Blogger beta. I was going to post here and say "if my blog disappears in two days after I've made the move, that's why." However, I joined the KAL for the Pacific Northwest Shawl, which then got linked to my blogger profile, and on my next login, the blogger beta option was gone. This is fine by me, as I like my template now. The only thing I'd really gain would be "categories," which I take to be blogger's version of tags. I'll keep you posted.


Lone Knitter said...

Your Trekking socks look delightful! You're almost done. I'm stalled--right at the heel flap. Seems as if I always stall a bit when I reach that part.

rose said...

I like all your UFOs. Cozy will be so nice once it's completed.

Diana said...

Revealing UFO's is kinda like taking your clothes off in front of a group of strangers!