Monday, April 21, 2008

Yarnovers and Passovers

I bet you thought that I was preparing last week for an actual Passover seder, not passing yarn through itself? Well, in the end we had a little of both:

seder 2008

Also this weekend, a visiting friend was winding some yarn on my swift. I noticed she was taking a really long time to wind yarn, which, granted, takes a while when you bring several skeins, but still... I went upstairs and found scenes that looked a bit like this:

cat's yarn cradle crazy CTH

It was like a game of cat's cradle sprung into existence on the swift. Twice every turn, the yarn caught in a loop and we had to thread the growing ball of yarn through the loop, or the loops, as the case may be. Sometimes things got really, really messy. Eventually we finished, and miraculously the yarn eventually also stopped being caught in its own loops, but wow, was that not one of the more messed-up skeins I've ever encountered!

Meanwhile, I'm looking forward to getting back to the wheel and to the mohair sweater, for which I'm rapidly running out of cool days to wear it!

Mohair raglan WIP

I haven't blogged this one yet because it's all stockinette. However, now that it's starting to look like a sweater, I decided to take a picture. I'm hopeful that I can control the roll on the bottom there. Silly me. Rolled hems and mohair sweaters do seem to go together in my mind, but who was I not to do something to stop the roll? Oops! Oh well, I will just have to hope that the powers of the iron are enough!


sgeddes said...

That is one messed up skein! I haven't seen anything like that. I did have one I got so tangled and it took me two days to get it straightened out. I should have thrown it out!

Sheepish Annie said...

Both seder and sweater look wonderful! The tangled skein, not so much. Hate that!

Jessica said...

Pretty sweater! Glad you had a good passover despite the obstinate yarn. That can be such a PITA!

keri said...

The sweater is so pretty - I love the colors! A good blocking should stop the roll.

Angel said...

Oh Tofriskit and Death by Chocolate Matzoh, how I missed you!

Instead of being with ya'll, I got felled by demon flu.

The sweater looks lovely.