Sunday, January 06, 2008

Stranded for the New Year

Guess what? I've now fulfilled a childhood dream... of being stranded in the mountains by a snowstorm. Coffeeboy and I spent the new year's holiday with his family in Colorado, and a week ago Friday, we went into the mountains to spend time at their condo at a ski resort. We cross-country skiied happily on Saturday, were joined by friends that afternoon, and snowshoed Sunday morning. As you can see, it was quite snowy! After a leisurely late lunch at a local restaurant, we went home to the condo to pack and leave.

Snowshoing at Copper.JPG

We ended up leaving at about 5 pm, the same time as everyone else heading home from the slopes after Christmas week, in this case, east towards Denver on highway 70. (You might have read something about this on the news a few days ago.) About an hour and 5 miles later, we decided to turn around and call it a night. This was a wise decision, as the tunnels and passes were all closed by the time we returned a half-hour later. Everyone decided a trip to the hot tub to relax was in order, followed soon by a plate of what cheese we had left and simple dinner of pizza.

When we woke up on New Year's Eve, we figured they'd open the passes soon, and we'd leave that morning. But the passes didn't open till late afternoon, by which time it was getting dark, snowy, and stormy--not looking much better than the night before.

This is how I came to run out of yarn for Cobblestone, knitting away the time in a condo at Copper Mountain while the snow, -30 windchills, and 0-degree temperatures kept us inside reading and playing games. Being stranded on New Year's Eve turned out to be not so bad, to put it mildly! I'd happily strand myself there any time, for anything!

Speaking of strands, when we returned to my in-law's house on New Year's Day, I found the remaining yarn for Cobblestone (just a partial ball, a lot smaller than I thought it was) and knit up the rest of the sweater, giving it to Coffeeboy late that evening after weaving in all the ends. But now, it is finished. Except for blocking.

Cobblestone sweater.JPG Cobblestone closeup.JPG

Pattern: Cobblestone pullover
Yarn: Mission Falls 1824 Wool, 15 balls
Needles: KP Options size 6
Time: about 2 months

It was a long trip, those two weeks. Great to see family, and i actually finished a bunch of knitting (the sweater, a pair of socks for Coffeeboy, a hat for my BIL, etc). I'm glad to be home with my kitties, my wheel, and my stash. I'm also looking forward to getting back to normal life. My list of to-dos grew and grew while away, and the amount of dissertating shrank considerably as well. It's time to put my brain to the grindstone once again, and turn the wheel on the productivity in more ways than one. With Coffeeboy off in Salzburg Austria this week for a fancy seminar (paid for by school), I'm sure I'll have plenty of quiet time in which to get caught up!


The_Add_Knitter said...

Copper Mountain--What a great place to be marooned. The Cobblestone looks fantastic, what a way to start the new year!

PHD Knitter said...

Love the Cobblestone! This pattern keeps popping up - I think it's a sign. I'm glad that you got stranded somewhere fantastic and that you had knitting to keep you occupied. I also hear you on the dissertating ... who knew it was so hard to find time to think!

Jessica said...

Sounds like a fantastic way to ring in the New Year to me! Cobblestone looks awesome too! And I had to laugh, when I read the title I thought you were talking about starting a stranded knitting project. Do I have a one track mind or what?!?! ;)

Sheepish Annie said...

It sounds like the perfect place to be stranded! If you're in good company, being stuck in a snow storm isn't so bad, really.

Love the sweater! Nice job, there.

schrodinger said...

I nearly got stranded in Austria - but I was so ready to leave, I'd've cried. Glad you had a great trip. Cobblestone looks great!

Angela said...

The Cobblestone looks really awesome!!!!