Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Conference and FOs

I'm home from the conference. It went really well. Coffeeboy feels good about the interviews he had, and I managed to catch up with some very good, old friends as well as make a few new ones, not to mention the inevitable meeting of various scholars. In general, I felt very freed by my post-exams state: it gave me an easy topic of conversation and a zillion books were relatively fresh in my mind. I bought a few books, including one 3-volume set that cost more than I would've liked (including a 50% discount) but is a set I'll have to read as I move towards the dissertation. I heard some good news from professors about exam #2, and even had a couple of conversations with friends and others about possible dissertation ideas. Yay!

For the first time, I knit during the conference sessions - a sock for the husband, knit out of luscious Mountain Colors Bearfoot in "Yellowstone":

Yellowstone sock
Lucky husband... but he's worth it!

I also bounced around Washington, DC, sporting my newly knit tam:

Blue tam

Pattern: Tam from Hats On (in size medium)
Yarn: Andean Silk from Knitpicks
Needles: size 7 for the main part of the hat
Time: oh, about a day - very fast and recommended!
Thoughts/Mods: I changed the brim a bit, making it a 2x2 ribbing with a simple cable in the ribbing. I think it turned out quite cute!

I also finished up my Fuzzy Feet. Here are the images of before and after felting:

Fuzzy feet before Fuzzy feet 2

Pattern: Fuzzy Feet from Knitty
Yarn: Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride bulky (though the pattern calls for worsted, oops)
Needles: Size 10.5
Thoughts: Yes, I ran out of yarn and ended up with slippers of different colors. Oh well! They're also a little big for my feet, as you can see. Maybe that's because I used bulky yarn? They took 3 trips through the washer to felt, at which point the stitches were still a little visible but they were getting to be just the right length for my feet, so I dared not keep going. They will be coming with me out to California to visit my mom for Thanksgiving.

Fuzzy feet 1
These slip's are made for walking, and that's just what I'll do...

How's that for productivity! Woo-hoo! Now that I'm back from the conference, I can also work on washing up the Spilled Milk Saga...


Sheepish Annie said...

Yup, that ranks right up there on the productivity scale. Nice work! And your conference sounds like it was great!

keri said...

Wow you sure got a lot done!

Lone Knitter said...

Your felted slippers look so warm and cozy. I want some! Your socks look great. I think you picked an awesome colorway for your husband's socks. Men can be very particular about what colors they'll wear.

Zarzuela said...

Isn't it amazing how much you can get done on a sock at a conference? :) Your tam and the fuzzy feet look great too. And who cares that they are two different colors, now you'll know which one is the left one and which is the right. ;) Hope you had a great turkey day! :)


Melissa said...

I like the Yellowstone alot. ALOT. I'm getting excited to knit some socks the the Mountain Colors that's waiting in the yarn stash!