Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Cats in the bed

No, I don't mean "in the bed" as in taking cute, snuggly naps there or sleeping with us at night. No, I mean little beasts who lie on their backs and claw holes in the bottom cloth cover of the box spring, and then make the brilliant discovery that they can go in the box spring and take naps there! That they can crawl around inside there, making noises that sound more like advance-guard squirrels than little cats!

Ever since I realized they'd been inside the box spring, we've been trying to keep them out of the bedroom, at least at night. Finally on Saturday, after my exams were over, we did something about it. First, of course, we had to assess the damage:

Inspecting their handiwork 1 Inspecting their handiwork 2
Juniper is pleased with the damage she inflicted

After some debate, Coffeeboy and I had decided that rather than simply put a new cloth cover on the boxspring - one which sooner or later (and probably sooner) would be clawed into - we would put some lightweight sheets of wood under there. We removed the flopping cloth, and the cats, not satisfied with simply checking over their destructive handiwork, climbed inside, one last time.

Cats in the boxspring 3
Mage is pleased that even though the bed is standing up, she can still climb in... for now

We put down some kind of woody substance, basically like pegboard but without the peg holes. I forgot to take a picture. When the cats found that their secret hideaway was truly gone, we saw them glowering under the bed, scheming up a plan, no doubt. Thus far, our nights have been free of disturbing squirrel-like noises.

On the knitting front: Work on everything is temporarily stalled. During a bit of shopping yesterday I tried on a tam, and I thought it looked pretty cute! But why buy one when I could raid the stash? Besides, Angel had whipped one out, so why - in a vast fit of copy-cat-itis, I guess (thanks for the inspiration, A!) - couldn't I? That's what I did last night, minus getting up to the start of the decreases and realizing it was one size too big. Not to mention starting over three times as I fiddled with a simple cable on the brim. (Argh!) I think I'm finally back on track, though. Maybe I can finish it tonight at SnB!


cathy said...

Your cats are wierd. But I guess all cats are wierd.

schrodinger said...

While it's funny to ready, that would have driven me nuts, glad you have the problem solved.