Monday, May 29, 2006

Blogging 101

Written earlier this afternoon:

Today is Memorial Day, and while most of the country has the day off, enjoying the first really hot summer day (it's near 90 degrees here), I'm in the library, working on a paper. I said that I'd wait until the papers were done to start the blog, but I just couldn't help it and I started the blog anyways.

It does feel a bit odd to have a blog, especially since I know that it's read by so few people. I feel a bit like I'm hurling the proverbial bottled note into the sea, perhaps never to be read or seen by eyes again. While I know that's not the case, it's nonetheless the absurd feeling I get when I hit "post." At least for now.

I find myself writing as if to an audience ("dear, gentle reader" and all that) which is highly amorphous and practically nonexistent, at least so far. I don't want a huge audience, but just a wider community. Communities in the blogosphere are so much harder to pin down, unlike a blog host like LiveJournal where they are virtually built around communities, where, with a click of the mouse, you can see who is a part of what group.

And written tonight:

I've made a bunch of changes to the style (obviously!) but there are more to come. My wrist is - unfortunately! - sore from scrolling up and down the little template editor window. I'll have to fix (and figure out how to fix, also) the heading sizes in the sidebar, for example.

Forthcoming posts:
A recap of recent FOs
A list of current projects
Planned projects for the summer

Onward and upward, ladies and gents, onward and upward.

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Diana said...

Welcome to Blogland. I've changed my template a zillion times and am constantly updating and making changes. Just when you think you've got it just right, you'll change it again!

Looking forward to seeing your FO's.