Thursday, November 06, 2008

Conference socks

The conference went well; Coffeeboy's interviews went particularly well, as evidenced by the two campus interviews he's already secured!  My interview went, so far as I could tell, as well as could be expected for a first-time interviewee, so we will see what happens.  I don't expect to hear from the school I interviewed with for at least two weeks, so I need to hang on and be patient. 

The conference itself was - get this - right across the street from Grant Park, site of Obama's recent victory speech and screaming crowds.  When we left the hotel Tuesday morning -- the very same hotel Obama would later await the results -- workers were hanging red, white, and blue flags around the hotel; red, white and blue lamps created bright streaks of color on the hotel's facade, and security guards and police cars already waited across the street at the park.  

Later that evening, after we'd spent most of the day on the airplane, we arrived home in time to watch the first results come in.  As the conclusion came ever closer to a victory for Obama, we had a sudden feeling of regret that we hadn't stayed right there in Chicago one more day, just so we could say that we were there when the nation elected its first African-American president.  But no matter, we were home, and at least among the humans, no eye was dry, and even if we weren't there ourselves, our hearts most certainly were, and are.  

At the conference, while flying, and while hanging out with friends and family before the conference, I got a fair amount of knitting done, as you can see!  The colors of the Regia sock really caught my attention, and I even completed one whole sock in the course of the 5-odd days we were away! 

Conference socks 2008
Since I've been home, I've been getting back into the spinning. I have a lot of longwools to show you, some Corriedale and some Colonial wool (which I gather is pretty similar to Corriedale?)  that I've either just finished recently, or have been waiting for the right time to post. 

This weekend, I'm hoping to get more sock knitting done, as Coffeeboy and I drive north to Virginia Beach for a family reunion. I have a wild dream of getting some work done while we're away, but I'm not sure it'll happen. 


Jessica said...

Glad things at the conference went well! How cool to have been that close to the Obama winning action, even if you had to leave early. ;) It was definitely an amazing day.

Socks look awesome!

Greta_Jane said...

The sock is very you.

Did I tell you that at lunch on Monday, one of the construction workers let me stand on the platform they were erecting?

Sheepish Annie said...

There is nothing like a conference for knitting. And socks seem to be the best kind of knitting for these events. Nice work! And congrats on the interviews!!!

schrodinger said...

Keeping my fingers crossed for your interview result!

Greta_Jane said...

I have tagged you over on my blog.