Thursday, November 15, 2007

WIPs roundup

While I've been spinning, I've also done a bit of sock-knitting lately.

See? We have these Retro Rib socks, coming along nicely.

Lorna's laces ribbed sock.JPG

And also this oddball here, the Cascading Leaves sock by Jeanne Townsend of the Yahoo knitalong group:

Align CenterCascading leaves sock.JPG

I'm using Great Adirondack Yarn in their wool/silk/nylon blend, and it feels heavenly! The colors are knitting up a bit odd, but everyone I've asked says they kind of like it. I kind of like it, too, but I also kind of think it's an odd fit between pattern and yarn.

I have one other pair of socks, but I didn't take their picture, as they are currently suffering from "procrastinating on kitchener stitch syndrome," poor things. It's been a couple of weeks they've had that particular issue; maybe I'd better put them out of their misery soon.

Finally, remember how I finished a sweater recently? Well, I started another one: Cobblestone!

Cobblestone sweater begins

I'm using Mission Falls 1824 wool that I bought years ago to make Rogue. Turns out I need a few more balls to make a guy-sized sweater, and goodness knows if I can find the right dyelot anymore! (Yeah, I know. Another dyelot problem? But this one I know about in advance!) I'm thinking of using a different dyelot to do the yoke; that should hide the change in color fairly well).

I'm thinking of bringing Cobblestone to the conference this weekend (the American Academy of Religion, meeting in sunny San Diego this year), in order to get through the many inches of relatively brainless knitting I have ahead of me. It's still small enough where it might make sense, at least for a little while, to have it with me.

... Speaking of conferences, I made a little mistake yesterday:
I sent an email yesterday to a whole bunch of major scholars in my subfield about logistics for a conference, and I've just now seen that it had a couple of typos. I checked carefully to make sure the dates and times and logistical details about travel were correct, but not that I'd spelled the title of the conference right! Oops! Earlier I was quite worried about this but now I feel a little less anxious. No less embarrassed, but less like hiding is necessary!


Sheepish Annie said...

I have sent many an email that I later realized was not quite how I'd imagined it. It happens and I think that people understand!

Meanwhile, you've got some good lookin' knitting there!! Nice job...

Jessica said...

Love the socks. Cobblestone fever seems to be taking over lately. :) It's a pretty mindless knit, good for travel I think (I'll find out next week I guess). Hope you enjoy the conference! And don't feel too badly. We're all human. When do we get to see more spinning?!?! :)

schrodinger said...

The yarn sounds so lovely to knit with. Have fun with the cobblestone, it seems to be spreading over blogland and getting rave reviews. I'm sure people won't hold the email against you.

sheepless in suburbia said...

I too suffer from KSS (Kitchener Stitch Syndrome.) I found your blog, just as I was posting about my own "3 initial" maladies!