Saturday, September 22, 2007

The Harlot in Atlanta

This past week, I traveled to Atlanta to visit my friend, "Greta Jane" over at Ivory Needles. The timing of the visit, of course, was September 19th - the Yarn Harlot coming to speak!

We waited in line with lots of other knitters, bravely ignoring that one had to wait outside and beside and virtually inside a Ben and Jerry's to get to the theater.

Knitters in Line.JPG

GJ was lucky enough to get on the Harlot's blog.

She'd brought three first socks with her, all for different pairs and none of them finished, which quite amused the visiting sock-knitter. (Stephanie was particularly amused by the giant Fuzzy Foot sock). Myself, I was just pleased to see the famous sock photographing and to make my own (largely botched) reciprocal attempt.

DSCN3707.JPG Yarn Harlot & Sock.JPG

The rest of the week in Atlanta I spent reading, meeting GJ's grad student peeps, gathering books, and hanging out (with knitting, of course). It was so very much fun to get to interact with grad students! I hadn't quite realized how much I've been missing that. It was great to talk about my research, their research, their classes, their quibbles! I know that the people I currently live among are very nice - but they're not the same.

The other exciting event of the week occurred the following day, when Barbara Kingsolver came to speak about her new book, Animal, Vegetable, Miracle, about a year of eating locally in a place not too terribly far from where I now live. She and her husband read selections from the book, answered questions, and got me sufficiently interested that I bought the book in the very long book-signing line and started reading it later that night. I'm looking forward to reading more, but as the Yom Kippur hunger grows (since Coffeeboy isn't eating, and I don't want to eat in front of him while he's fasting, I've been [mostly] fasting, too) I find that I really don't think I can read it right now!

I need to get a bit of writing done this weekend; I might go attempt that now and see how that fares on a rumbling tummy and a sea of questions.


Sheepish Annie said...

Oh, how cool that you got to see The Harlot! That is like the holy quest for some of us...the only time she was in Maine that I know of was back before I knew anything about the stars of the knitting world. Silly me.

cathy said...

Animal Vegetable Miracle was a great book. I laughed so much reading the turkey chapter.

The_Add_Knitter said...

Glad you had fun, all the posts I've read have been so entertaining!

schrodinger said...

Yay for the Harlot. She's much fun isn't she?

keri said...

Lucky you! I've always wanted to meet her but never got the chance! =)

Zarzuela said...

Looks like a fun time! Glad you got to hang out with some like minded people in different interests. :) I read about that book on another blog too. Maybe I should pick it up...