Monday, April 30, 2007

I survived the dentist!

That's right, everyone! It's been, well, a few years since I had insurance and since a dreaded dentist last looked in my mouth, and today he did so, and I checked out in relatively good oral health! I'm thrilled! Even having one cavity was a relief, compared to the plethora I expected!

Coffeeboy, unfortunately, has to get a "deep cleaning" tomorrow, wherein they'll numb his mouth before starting the cleaning. It sounds like a pore cleanser or something, only ... worse.

I don't really have much knitting news right now - but thanks for all your kind comments on Kiri! I have many goals for this week: presentation on Wednesday, summer funding application due Wednesday, emailing some dissertation thoughts to my advisor, finishing a complete draft of my lit review, and TAing the final two sections of the semester.

I think I got through the worst of it today, especially since I've been dreading this dental visit for, well, years. Makes everything else seem like pancakes.


Angel said...

Oh man- I know how you feel about getting a clean bill of teeth at the dentist- For years every time I went it seemed like I had a new cavity and as an adult my parents pay up for one visit a year whenever I go home to my old dentist- the last few years all has been well and it is such a relief....

And I have had the same kind of "deep cleaning" that Coffeeboy is going to have. Its not bad- once they numb you- but your mouth is a bit tender for the rest of the day.

Anonymous said...

Deep cleaning - oh joy. :(
But thanks for the kind words, A.


Chatty Ali said...

Oh god, a "deep cleaning" sounds tortuous... at least yours went okay :) your kiri is truly gorgeous!!

Sheepish Annie said...

Dentist???? Ack!!!! I've not had good experiences, to say the very least.

Glad all went well and I'll be thinking good thoughts for Coffeeboy's deep cleaning.

cathy said...

Ugh. dentist. *shudder*

Zarzuela said...

This is one of those things that I also have neglected for quite some time due to lack of insurance. I really need to take care of it soon though *shudder*. Glad you had a good experience though!